Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Learning about game programming via a game engine environment.

Heya everyone,

I've been looking into trying to learn game programming, mostly because it seems like it would be a good way to get back into programming, and it would potentially allow me to create something that I've been wanting to build for years now, but haven't had the right tools or skills to do. I'll refrain from revealing the details, other than to mention that a game-like simulator environment would be part of it. It will need to integrate accurate physics calculations, but still be intuitive for users/players to interact with. I do wonder how big of a project it would be and how I would leverage certain technologies that I can see it needing in order to be as powerful and flexible as it would need to be in order to do what I'm hoping it will do.

I've been trying out Unreal Engine 5, and Unity, mostly, and have also looked at Lumberyard, and O3DE (too early in development to get working in a predictable and stable manner). So far I like UE5, and Unity, although Unity corrupted my test project before I had a chance to save it, so I'm not sure I'll trust that one in the long term.

My intention with my project is to make it cross-platform compatible between Windows and Linux, and perhaps Android. I don't know how well a phone will be able to run the project once it's built, although it's a long way down the road for now, as I haven't officially started it yet.

Any input and assistance on this would be welcome. I'm considering doing it as open-source, but haven't decided yet on that front, as what I have in mind is complex. I honestly wonder if I'll be able to get a handle on it, but I do want to give it a go. I would welcome some volunteers to help out, if anyone is interested. Even if it's only good advice. :)

Thanks for reading,